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Plantation Child Custody Attorney

When you and your child's other parent don't live together and/or don't get along well, having a formal child custody agreement in place ensures that both parents are able to play an active role in the child's life. If you are involved in a child custody case, contact a qualified, experienced attorney like Kelley A. Joseph for guidance and representation.

Plantation Family Law Attorney

Facing a divorce is never an easy task, but with the right lawyer helping you, even the tremendous challenges ahead of you can be minimized. Having a caring and compassionate Florida lawyer working hard to help you obtain the best possible outcome will be your best resource during this difficult time.

Plantation Marital Law Attorney

Marriage can sometimes develop into a troublesome challenge for some people. When there are difficult marital issues to resolve, a compassionate and dedicated problem solver is found at the Law Offices of Kelley A. Joseph, P.A., in Plantation, FL. Kelley has been helping parents and children stay families after Divorce for over 20 years. She is experienced with all aspects of Marital Law and Family Law.

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